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Finding Interjections

What is an Interjection?

Words or phrases that express feeling instead of meaning are called interjections. They are grammatically independent of their surrounding words. 

Interjections are quite common in speech and are much more common in electronic messages than in other forms of writing.

Some examples of interjections are: Oh!, Ouch!, Hurray!, Alas! etc.

What is the Function of an Interjection?

An interjection expresses an emotion related to the main idea of the adjacent clause or sentence. In general, it should be used sparingly and with a specific purpose only.

There are six main functional uses of interjections:

  • Greeting: Hey! you are looking beautiful.
  • Joy: Hurray! We won the game.
  • Surprise: Ah! This is how it’s done. 
  • Approval: Yes! I will come with you!
  • Attention: Listen, I don’t want a fight.
  • Sorrow: Alas! Jay’s dog died yesterday.

How to identify an interjection in a sentence?

By definition, interjections are the words or phrases that express feeling. It is represented by an exclamation mark (!).

With this interjection worksheet, help the child learn how to express emotions and use them in sentences.

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