The worksheet is meant for the children of age group 3 to 5 years of age. 

S is a curvy alphabet and needs practice to master. It is usually taught as one of the last alphabets while writing.

The Letter of the Week – Ss

  1.   Coloring S for snake which appears to be as curvy as the alphabet itself would give an idea to the child about the shape of the letter -S
  1.   The worksheet will help the child practice the correct shape of the print capital letter – S. It is an upper zone letter which means it lies in between the baseline and the top line. Trace the letter to understand the curves.
  1.   The print small letter S is written in the same manner as the capital one and the only difference is that it is the middle zone letter. It lines in between the baseline and headline. Tracing of the letter would allow the child to understand the right shape and the area to form the lower case s
  1.   Writing of print capital and small alphabet S would help the child recall the shape traced prior and also get a grip to form the rightly curved letter with proper area.
  1.   Print capital and small alphabet could be confusing for a child, if made without lines, as the shape remains same for both cases. Distinguishing and dabbing the uppercase and lowercase letter separately would clear the concept for the child.
  1.   Drawing and coloring would promote cognitive skills while finding pictures that begin with letter S. These activities would also develop fine motor skills for the kindergartner.

A pack of worksheets where a child is allowed to do multiple activities for a particular alphabet help them comprehend the letter thoroughly with the fun added to the learning criterias.

Download the worksheet and give the children all new ideas to enjoy the Christmas and the holidays!


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