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Types of Animal Worksheet (Based on their Eating Habits)

The types of Animals Worksheet is a fun activity to help children identify and categorize animals. This worksheet will be useful to learn about various animals based on their eating habits. Animals are divided into three categories: 1. Herbivores, 2, Carnivores and 3. Omnivores. If an animal eats plants, it is a herbivore. A great example of this is the cow. If an animal eats meat or sometimes plants, it is a carnivore. A good example of this is the bear. If an animal eats both plants and animals, they are considered omnivores.

This type of animals worksheet is a 3 part card worksheet to help them identify different animals that fall into each category. It also has a quiz where a child can identify animals falling under those categories.

Download the worksheet now and learn about animals in a fun and very easy way.