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Generalization Ck or K Worksheet



This generalization worksheet is designed for the 3-6-year-old (kindergarten) children to guide them about ‘CK’ and ‘K’ spelling generalization.

When the children are firm with the lessons on syllables, short and long vowels then they are introduced to generalization rule. There are ample of lessons, videos and worksheets for understanding various generalization rule.

Generalization ck or k Rule

Phonics helps in pronouncing any word or sentence correctly. And one of the most trickiest phonics are  ck and k sound. Let us revise the rule again:

The ck sound rule: When there is a /k/ sound immediately after a short vowel sound, then it is written as ck.

For example – snack, pluck, clock.

The k sound rule (1): When the /k/ sound is preceded by a long vowel or vowel combination, then it is spelled and written with k.

For example – cake, peek, and leak.

The k sound rule (2): When there is /k/ comes after a constant, no matter whatever vowel is there prior to the consonant, then it is spelled with k. For example- lurk, perk, dark

For example – cake, peek, and leak.

How to practice the Generalization ck or k phonics worksheet?

CK and K phonics worksheet is divided into 2 parts:

In part A of the worksheet children needs to underline the words that follow CK and K rules and are spelled correctly in each row.

For example – tink, tinck, thank, thinck.

Here, thank is the correct spelling because the sound of /k/ comes after a consonant.

Similarly, in the second row – click, clik, chlik, chlick.

Here, the correct spelling is click as the sound of /k/ comes immediately after short vowel /i/

In part B of the worksheet children have to fill the blanks with the ck or k ending word with the best meaning they understand.

For example – I saw Martha leaving the house on her ____.

Here, bike would be the correct fill.

Encourage the children to read the words on their own following the generalization rule of ck and k. Filling the blanks with the correct word will also let them comprehend the rule properly.

Download and begin the worksheet while watching the video referred to in the worksheet to better understand the concept of generalization rule of ck and k.


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