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A-Z order is the most important skill for a child to learn. Alphabetizing helps with learning because it shows how letters are grouped together and how one letter follows another in order. It also helps in better reading ability.

Benefits of practicing alphabetizing

1. Encourages children to learn about letter groups, their order, and how they’re grouped together.

2. Helps them with reading skills because it can help them better understand the letters in words and how they are read one-by-one.

3. Helps in memorizing words that are unfamiliar to the child because of alphabetical ordering. Helps in decoding sentences.

4. Helps in finding specific books and pages because it is easier to find the page number that begins with a, b, c… (alphabetical order).

5. Helps in making word lists, especially the ones at the beginning of a workbook.

Rules of alphabetizing in English

Rule 1. Arranging letters of the English alphabet:

Rule 2: Alphabetize by the first letter of a word

Rule 3: Alphabetize words by the second and third letter of the word

(Please note: rule 3 is applicable only when the first letter of the word is the same)

Rule 4: Alphabetize words by the fourth and fifth letters of the word.

(Please note: rule 4 is applicable only when the first 3 letters of the word are the same)

Thus, we have designed this alphabetizing worksheet in such a way that a child can practice all the above rules. This Alphabetizing worksheet is a tool for children who are learning about numbers, vocabulary, and sequencing.

It consists of:

  1. Arranging 26 letters of the English alphabet (along with pictures)

  2. Arranging words by the first letter of the word

  3. Arranging words by the second and third letter

  4. Arranging words by rules 2 and 3

  5. Arranging words by rules 2, 3, and 4 and completing the story.

Still in doubt? See the related images and make your decision. It is worth downloading.

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