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Phoneme is an integral part of learning to read and write. As per Wikipedia, In phonology and linguistics, a phoneme (/ˈfoʊniːm/) is a unit of sound that can distinguish one word from another in a particular language. There are 44 phonemes in vocabulary. It can be a combination of vowels, vowel-consonant, and consonant-consonant. For example, ae, ou, ch, th, ar, etc.

Phoneme worksheet is a sheet that is used for teaching children about the various phonemes in English. Phoneme worksheets are designed to teach children how to pronounce words when two letters combined together.

This phoneme worksheet consist of 23 such combinations to learn and practice:

  1. sc

  2. br

  3. th

  4. tw

  5. cl

  6. sw

  7. cr

  8. gl,

  9. ay

  10. ch

  11. bl

  12. sh

  13. sm,

  14. tr

  15. dr

  16. fl,

  17. sl

  18. wh

  19. st

  20. sk

  21. sq

  22. pl

  23. sp

Download the phoneme worksheet now and start practicing.

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