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This christmas coloring worksheet pack is designed for 3 to 6-year-old children to help them familiarize themselves with drawing and coloring. Winters are here and so is the cold weather. This indicates that children need to spend more time indoors and parents need different ideas every time to keep the toddlers occupied as schools are also having holidays.

Here we are providing different ideas and worksheets that would be easy for the children to understand and would also benefit them with multiple skills.

Drawing, tracing, and coloring are the oldest and the simplest of activities that are fun for the children and also boost their motor skills and creative skills. Children must draw within the lines on coloring diagrams. Children’s hand-eye coordination is improved by these kinds of activities.

A perfect worksheet pack for Christmas time to enhance the skills and occupy the child with some fun learning.

  1. Color the Christmas tree – Set some time aside to boost the coloring and creativity skill of the children. They need to choose 4 different colors that they will use to color and decorate the Christmas tree. Allow them to mark those colors in the palette given. Let them color this Christmas tree and also color the decorations as per their choices of colors.
  2. Find Extra Objects – This coloring page can be brought to life with pens, markers, colored pencils, crayons; or anything that a child can better grip. The design of the page, inspired by the Christmas time, also inculcates some cleverness in the child. Children would not only color the objects drawn on the page but would also mark the objects that are not part of the Christmas fun. For instance, a turtle is not part of Christmas essentials and hence it should not be colored. The objects that are good to go with Christmas should be well-colored and leave the objects that do not gel with the idea of Christmas.
  3. Tracing and Coloring – As the children imagine Christmas time with a lot of Christmas essentials, this page would help them know the Christmas essentials along with their all-time favorite Santa Claus. The children have to trace the broken lines to get a perfect and continuous outline of Christmas essentials like socks, a Christmas tree, a candy stick, decorative balls, and a small Santa.
  4. Color by Number – Worksheets using a color-by-number system is excellent for teaching children that symbols have significance. They can understand that numbers can be used as symbols here the numbers are used to mark the name of the color. Children that utilize color-by-number worksheets improve their color recognition skills as well as their understanding of how numbers can be used for more than just counting. Give the children 7 different colors and tell them that each color has a number. Parents can also mark the numbers on colors for easy identification for the children.
  5. Christmas Coloring Page – Allow the children to create a color palette with 4 different colors. Encourage them to use colors that match well with the concept of the Santa Claus, the Christmas tree and its essentials. The children would color all the objects using those four colors and make the page bright and beautiful.
  6. Decorate your Christmas Tree- This page will bring out the best of creativity of the children. Now that they have done enough of the drawing, coloring, and decoration of Christmas things; they are all set to use varied ideas to put on this page. Let them give a base color to the Christmas tree and decorate it with their own imagination. Give them glitters, sparkles, or small decorative items to bring out a beautiful tree that they can flaunt among their peers during party time.
  7. Merry Christmas (House)– Time to enhance the coloring and creativity skill of the children. Let the children imagine that they are going to party at their own home. Allow them to color this page with different colors. They can also decorate it according to their creativity.
  8. Merry Christmas (Santa) – The coloring of Santa Claus is simple yet creative. The children would be happy to color their favorite Santa. This page would promote their thinking skills as they need to recall the colors for Santa –the red and the white –where and how! Children may also stick some gifts stickers or ribbons here and there with Santa.
  9. Merry Christmas (Wish Candle) – Explain the concept of the wish candle to the child. Now, let them color pages to the best of their imagination. Once done parents may also cut the sides of the candle and decorate it on their Christmas tree. These little things make the children happy and keep them busy with learning.
  10. Merry Christmas (Bells) – Bells have always been the first thing when it comes to Christmas essentials. The children would color the bells with a base color and decorate it with small start stickers if they wish to. Later, they would also color the ribbon with a bright color.
  11. Merry Christmas (reindeer face)–A Christmas is incomplete without a reindeer. After all, the Santa would come on the sledge driven by the reindeer. This is an exciting page for the children, as they could imagine their reindeer driving the sledge. They could see a picture of reindeer to color it well.
  12. ame and Different – This christmas coloring worksheet would boost the cognitive skill of the child. The children need to focus on each line and the four objects in each. Now, they would found the three objects are same and one object is different. They need to mark the object that is different among the rest in the line and color it. For example, in the first line – the reindeer is different from the rest three. Hence the children would color the face of the reindeer.

These Christmas worksheets require the least of preparations and are well-suited for the winter time.  Once the child is ready with the worksheet decorate it during the party time on Christmas.

These Christmas worksheets from Wisdomnest can also be used as a party gamer to involve the children in some healthy competition and to unleash their color imagination. Download it and let the children loose their potential.

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