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Parts of Plant Worksheet



This part of the plant worksheet helps a child to learn about different parts of the plant interactively. They also help you identify, classify and organize plants.

Parts of Plant 3 Part Cards:

The plant 3-part cards comprise a title card, an illustration card, and a key card.

  • The title card is placed at the top of the stack and contains the name of the plant and its classification.
  • The illustration card is placed on top of the title card and shows a hand-drawn illustration of the plant’s leaves, flowers, or fruits.
  • The key card is placed on top of the illustration card and contains information such as color, shape, size, or habitat for each part of the plant that it depicts.

Benefits of Parts of plants worksheet

Parts of plant 3-part cards are a tool that can help children learn and retain information about different parts of plants in a more efficient way. This is because they are designed to be engaging and interactive.

The cards can be used in a variety of different ways. They can be used for matching, coloring, sorting, or sequencing tasks. They can also be used for categorizing objects or identifying the missing part of an object by using picture cards.

Download the worksheet now and learn about different parts of the plant.

You can also learn about different parts of plants we eat here.

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