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Coloring in the Montessori method of teaching is based on the idea that children learn better when they are free to choose what they want to do. Children are allowed to explore the world around them and develop the skills they need for life.

In this activity, children will be exploring colors using a worksheet. It will help them learn about color names and how each color relates to its surroundings.

This colors worksheet is a guide that can be printed. It provides a way for children to practice and learn about the different colors and what they represent.

This colors worksheet can be used to teach children about the primary colors and their secondary combinations. It can also be used to identify and practice their color mixing skills.

This coloring worksheet 8 different work pages which includes:

  1. A guide on colors – where a child can identify and practice primary and secondary colors.

  2. A color wheel to practice and learn how secondary colors are created using primary colors.

  3. A color scavenger hunt activity to identify and match different colors in their surroundings.

  4. Image to color and narrate a story.

  5. Color clothes to identify seasons.

  6. Color and identify various fruits and vegetables that they came across.

Thus, with this coloring worksheet, a child will not only learn about colors but also seasons, fruits, and spatial skills.

Download now and have fun!

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