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Addition with number rods worksheet



Number Rods introduce students to the concept of measurement. Each number rod is divided into both red and blue sections, with ten rods in total. Each rod is linearly longer, with the second rod being twice the length of the first, the third rod being three times the length of the first, and so on.

Number rods are also a visual tool that helps children learn about addition.

The Number Rods teach children how to quantify measurement. As opposed to simply noticing that 10 is longer than 1, the child can see that 10 is exactly ten times longer. Rather than asking “Is it longer?“, children will answer “How long is it?”.

This addition with the number rod worksheet will help them learn how to add and quantify the result.

Solve single-digit addition problems using number rods.

There is no need to purchase number rods as printable form number rods are provided with the Addition with number rods worksheet. You can print and store the number rods for other activities.

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