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Consonant Blends Worksheet



This worksheet is for children aged 6-12 to help them understand different consonant blends and words that start with them.

What is a Consonant Blend?

A consonant blend is a group of two or three consonant sounds that are pronounced together in a word, but each sound can be heard. Examples of consonant blends include “bl,” “dr,” and “spl.” Blending two or three consonants create a unique sound.

How to Practice Consonant Blends Worksheet?

This worksheet focuses on 12 2-letter consonant blends (bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, gl, gr, sk, sl, sn, and tr). It blend exercise is divided into two parts:

Part 1:

Part 1 of this worksheet requires children to use images to help identify and write words that start with consonant blends. By completing this exercise, children will develop their phonemic awareness and improve their ability to recognize each blended sound in words. This unique approach to teaching consonant blends will help children strengthen their reading skills and vocabulary while reinforcing their understanding of blended sounds.

Part 2:

In the second part of this worksheet, children are required to use the words formed in the first part to complete sentences by filling in the blanks. This exercise aims to further reinforce their understanding and mastery of the words. By completing this activity, children can improve their ability to use the words in context and enhance their overall language skills. This unique approach to teaching consonant blends will not only help children strengthen their reading and vocabulary skills, but also boost their confidence in using the language effectively.

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What are the 5 Benefits of Practicing this Consonant Blends Worksheet?

There are many benefits to doing this blends worksheet, including:

  1. Better reading: By practicing with different consonant blends and words that start with them, children can improve their reading and understand English better.
  2. Enriching Vocabulary: This worksheet helps kids learn new words and expand their vocabulary, which is important for talking and doing well academically.
  3. Better at sounds: Phonemic awareness is being able to tell apart and change the little sounds in words. This worksheet can help them build the foundation of sounds of blends, which is essential for excelling in reading and writing.
  4. Better spelling: By practicing with different consonant blends, children can get better at spelling pronunciations and write the correct spellings.
  5. Improved confidence: As children practice and master different consonant blends, they will feel more confident in their reading and writing abilities.

Download the consonant blend worksheet and begin the journey of blended word sounds to enrich their reading and writing skills.

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