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Christmas and Santa Claus have always been flattering for the children. They are excited for Santa Claus to come and fulfill their wish with a gift under their pillow on Christmas Eve. 

Parents have always played their role of Santa passionately. So, this Christmas give your children a gift of fun worksheets that would not only help the children learn with fun but also develop cognitive skills.

We are here with a gift of worksheets and that is just not one or two to go but a wholesome workbook for the kindergartener with so many exercises to practice on – coloring, maze, matching, art, spying and what not- Have a look!

  1. The Best Christmas page would help the children to shape their imagination in form of pictures and words. Children would draw the gift that they expect from Santa this Christmas. A write up along with the pictures would help them form the words and sentences. This would also let a child understand how to give words to their thoughts.
  1. The Maze Challenge – is a part of cognitive development where the children would help the elf reach the gifts. Who does not like presents? Finding a path in the circle would inculcate patience and sharpness in the child.
  1. Challenge – is a part of cognitive development where in the children would help the elf reach the
  2. Christmas Time is a fun task where children  get to know not only the Christmas essentials but their correct pronunciation too. Choose what’s right and move on to the next page for some fun with colors.
  3. Coloring always sounds fun and endeavoring. Go and get some crayons, colour the pictures with you feel suits the best for the Christmas gifts, accessories and candies.
  4. Colour and count: Let’s connect fun with colouring and some math numbers together, to form learning with fun. So with your favourite crayons or pencils, fill in some beauty in these pictures and count each type and write the number in the space given below.
  5. Advent word search: let’s switch up to some exploring. There are a few words given at the bottom of the page, find them the crossword provided. Let’s see how many words can one find this Christmas!
  6. Christmas roll-a-dice: Time to roll up the dice, and witness your imagination. Roll the dice 3 times. Every time you roll, a different element of your story is revealed. Once you have finished rolling the dice, write or tell your story.
  7. Christmas Colouring page: Well now is the time to prove how good your choice of colours is. All you gotta do is take a glance at these non coloured pictures, select the colours you think may suit the best. Make a palette and colour all the pictures using the colours only in your palette.
  8. Roll a Christmas, Brain Break: Taking a break essential, but what’s more important is how one uses it. To make this break useful, listed below are a few physical fun activities for the child to perform. Just roll the dice, look at the chart and see what activity is given to the number you have received.
  9. I spy Christmas: IT’s time to count with Santa. Count the Christmas themed objects that mr.hohoho Santa is using. And write the reached number in the column provided below.
  10. Dear Santa Claus: Since Santa knows you have been a good student, and been kind and generous this year, let Santa get familiar with all your good deeds you performed this year. Write a letter to Santa in the given space and wish him for the most fascinating time of the year.
  11. Crazy Christmas spelling: The words given are un-jumbled and have no meaning, change them and make the word with the significance of the picture provided with the jumbled letters.
  12. Stem challenge: this challenge is divided. Follow step to step so you can be amazed by your own hard work at the final stage.
  •       Construction challenge: Christmas Trees- Follow the instructions to build the most amazing Christmas trees you have ever constructed, and quickly gather the materials required.
  •       Prototype: Make an image of your Christmas tree.
  •       Steps: Write the steps you took to build your Christmas tree.
  •       Q/A: Answer the questions asked on the basis of the process of your construction of your Christmas tree.
  1. My gift to you: Write a letter of what you would like to give to anyone you wish to be lucky enough to receive it.
  2. Evaluate a toy for Santa: Aren’t everyone fascinated and in love with toys? They are so fun and creative to play with. You must have to crave for a toy you wish to receive this Christmas. Here is your chance to describe Santa, Draw and describe the toy you are wishing for and let’s see whether you will receive it this year?
  3. Christmas Word: The last worksheet! All you gotta do is match the word with images given, and write the word below it.

Ah! Here the Christmas Vacations would get over where the child would be occupied with varied worksheets to do with and also learn easily the concepts and essentials of Christmas. Development of fine motor skills and cognitive skills are promoted through these worksheets.

Download the Christmas worksheet and give the children all new ideas to enjoy the Christmas and the holidays!

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