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Children today are living in a stressful world with many pressures and expectations. They need to be encouraged to explore their creativity and have fun. One way to do this is by providing them with simple art supplies and worksheets to portray their creativity.

Abstract art is an artistic style that does not represent the visible world in terms of objects and figures. It is a non-representational form of art that uses color, shape, line, texture, form, and space to create images that are often unintelligible from afar.

The best way to learn abstract art is by doing it. This practice and learning abstract art worksheet will help you get started.

This Abstract art worksheet includes a variety of exercises that will help you practice and learn abstract art. These exercises include drawing lines, shapes, and patterns in the air with your hand or a pen to create an abstract work of art from scratch.

No need to be a pro when it comes to art activities. Just download the Abstract art worksheet and practice.  Let the child use their imagination to create a masterpiece as an exercise in creativity.

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