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Christmas brings in fun and pleasure. Vacations, outings, winter, and New Year altogether makes it more exciting and enticing for the children. It is so wonderful when this time is added with fun-learning. 

Playing games but those ones where the development of the skills happens is what usually parents and educators look for.

Here we bring in such a wonderful game called Bingo that is added with some Christmas fun.

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a simple game that can be played in a group. Hence it is a good idea for the Christmas party of the children. It would enhance creative, cognitive and concentration skills in the children.

How to play Christmas Bingo?

Get the worksheet printed. You can laminate them as well if you want to use them for further games. There ought to be enough for each child to have a unique bingo card with unique square images.

Here, an adult can give one sheet to each child and would prompt the names with puzzles as mentioned in the worksheet. Once any picture is prompted, children have to guess the name and check for it in their sheet.

Those who find the picture in their page may mark it with a dot or bingo chip. One who gets 5 in a row is the winner. He has to shout BINGO to claim his reward.

If any child calls out BINGO and it turns out to be a false alarm, the game continues until someone gets an honest BINGO

The Challenge

Allow the children to read the statement and find the child who has done the thing mentioned there. The children can write the name of the child in that particular block. Even the adult assisting the children can prompt the statement and let the children decide who could be the right candidate to fit in for the statement.

Christmas Bingo as a Learning Activity

This kind of Bingo is a game for children and a learning activity too. This would promote the sight word leaning, puzzle solving, and vocabulary of the child. It would also enhance the linguistic and interpersonal skills of the children. 

Download the Christmas bingo worksheet and give the children all new ideas to enjoy Christmas and the holidays!

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