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Phonic blends worksheet



Phonic blends are part of the green series of the Montessori language curriculum. It is in the Green Series that reading fluency is really developed, as the child now understands the ways in which the English language works.

It consists of all the major phonemes/ phonic blends, including ai, ou, ie, ch, cl, ow, etc. There are silent letters, hard and soft letters, and many other spelling and reading challenges. There are about 44 phonemes in this group.

These phonic blends are introduced in various forms, such as matching cards, rhyming cards, movable alphabet to spell words, and many more.

In this phonic blend worksheet, a child will be able to learn and practice 7 such blends:

  1. at
  2. an
  3. eg
  4. ar
  5. am 
  6. eg
  7. et 

Download now and enhance your child’s reading and writing skill.

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